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My Frequencies enter even unto Heaven

Have you levatated today?

....music is my drug of choice, but i've been known to enjoy second and third choices as well....it goes by-by miss american pie, he drove the ford to the border to disturb the order.....make peace, not war; as blade sharpens blade, and iron sharpens iron, so violence and hate creates only more violence and hate....

Dear Brothers and sisters,
Dear enemies and friends,
why are we all so alone here?
all we need is a little more hope
a little more joy
what we need is a little more light
a little less weight
a little more freedom
if we were an army
and we believed we were an army
and we believed
and everyone was scared
little lost children in their grown up clothes and poses
so we ended up alone here
floating through long wasted days
or great tribulations
while everything felt wrong
good words, strong words, words that could've moved moutains!
words that no one ever said
and we were all waiting to hear those words
but no one ever said them
the plans were never mapped
the tactics never hatched
and we all learned not to believe
and strange, lonesome monsters roamed through the hills
wondering why
but its best to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
wonder why!
tangle, Oh! tangle in bright red ribbons!
lets have a parade!
its been so long since we had a parade
so lets have a parade
lets invite all our friends
and all our friend's friends
lets prominate down the boulevards
with terrific pride
light in our eyes
twelve feet tall and staggering
sick with joy
with the angels there
and light in our eyes
Brothers and Sisters,
hope still waits in the wings!
the bitter spinster
patient, lonely, shivering
waiting to built her Glorious fires!
its becouse of our plans
our beautifull, ridiculus plans
lets launch them like careening jet planes!
lets crash all of our planes into the river
lets build strange and radiant machines
because Jerico is waiting to fall.

~Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band